Stormy Monday

I had an interesting weekend, full of ups and some downs, mostly ups. I did get to spend some time with Tessa, which is always amazing. This time included a trip to Target, where we found a butterfly net, so of course we purchased it. Went home and began trying to find butterflies to catch, we really had no luck in that, however, we did spy some squirrels, which she decided was net worthy. So off we go, chasing squirrels, well on about the fifth one, she decides she better stand under the tree in case one falls, she will be there to catch it. So she hands me the net and stands there with her hands cupped together ready to catch whatever errant squirrel comes her way.
Once she tires of this she decides I will be easier to catch than the squirrels, so she starts chasing me, yelling run Gigi, run! So, off I go, running just fast enough to stay out of her reach, have to make it challenging, don’t you know. After she tires of that, it is back into the apartment we go to decorate Easter cookies, then it is bubble time. By the time I took her home I was exhausted! She kept telling me she was ready to go to sleep, however I managed to keep her awake until I got her home so she could go to sleep there for her parents.
I discovered Saturday that the Irishman bought us a new TV, an amazing TV, one that is 47 inches and has internet on it and is WIFI and comes loaded with Netflix, Facebook and Twitter, I think I have died and gone to heaven. I don’t even know how to react anymore! We picked it up yesterday and he put it together last night, I didn’t get to experiment with it, but he did, he did call me into the living room to examine the crystal clear picture and the depth, wow is all I can say. I cannot wait to get home today and play with it! I foresee a lot of movie nights in our future!

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