1950’s Day

I was driving down the road this morning and decided that I wanted the whole day off. So, I called attendance and took the whole day. I feel quite decadent. I am catching up on my recorded shows, I have cleaned my Mary Kay area and desk, I even got all of the dog hair off of my new comforter. How, you ask. Well, it was a huge issue, how was I going to get all of that dog hair off of it, I looked at the bed, looked around me, saw the vacuum cleaner. Yes, folks, I vacuumed my bed. It now looks shiny and new again. I am having the best time playing 1950’s housewife. I love it, I would love to stay home again and take care of home and hearth. I know that is not very progressive of me, I come from a generation of women that was supposed to want it all. I never did, confession time here, I would love to stay home. I don’t not want to work, I just want to do something from home. If I could get paid for writing, I would do it in a heartbeat.
Next on my list to tackle is my bathroom, I have already done three loads of laundry, vacuumed and had a ton of coffee, of course.
I have also watched the first episode of Game of Thrones. Loved it! I will not ruin it for those who have not seen it, just know I will be watching from this point forward.
So I say goodbye for today, I have tons to do, which include a trip to the grocery store and making dinner!

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