Well Today is Wednesday and I am wearing new shoes, Carlos Santana stiletto peep toe pumps. I love them; they were a birthday present from the Irishman. I love these shoes and it is the first time I have worn them. They totally rock.
Everything that happened yesterday made it seem like a Monday, what could go wrong did go wrong. It started with me getting ready to go to lunch and looking in my purse and seeing no pocket book. I left it at home on the desk. We all know what that means, no Starbucks, then I kept getting the most involved calls, the last one especially involved. I actually have to do a callback today to make sure the customer was updated on the status or the issue was corrected. After work, the dentist, which of course I have no pocket book with me to pay them, so I call Alex who thankfully was home, he brought it up there. So that was not Monday like. But last night was a restless sleep night, Chewie kept wanting out, so of course, no opposable thumbs for him, that leaves me to open the door for him. When that alarm went off at 3:00 am I so did not want to wake up! The really upside of the day is when I sent the Irishman a text telling him that I left my pocketbook at home, he surprised me with Starbucks! How awesome is that? I really wasn’t hinting, I really was wanting sympathy, instead I got greatness.
Have I mentioned how much I love going to the dentist? My dentist totally rocks, if you are looking for a new on in Plano, call Dr Stokes! He does exceptional work and his office staff is total greatness. They are always nice and I am always at ease going in. I have never been hurt by Dr Stokes; I have heard horror stories of people being traumatized by the dentist. I have never been traumatized by the dentist.
I really need to get to the gym; I have bought a membership, now I need to use it. The downside of having a brand new, amazingly high tech television is I never want to leave it! I watched Friends in HD, How you doin’? loved it! So addictive. However I am going to have to drag my behind out of that apartment and to the gym if I want to achieve my goal, being the most beautiful bride for my age group. That is my goal. Wish me luck!

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