The Ice Age Cometh?

I am not going to apologize for anything I wrote yesterday, I meant every word. I am not sad that this man is gone from this earth. Just like I am not sad Hitler is gone from this earth, and yes I do equate him with Hitler. I stand by what I said, especially the words directed to a certain relative. I stand by what I said and if you ever want to have a real conversation with me I will expound on why exactly I am so very disappointed by the things you chose to say.
Moving on, I read this series of books known as Earth’s Children, they are written by Jean M. Auel, I love these books. They are few and far between, there are only six of them, the first one written in 1980, the last just came out. She says this is the last one of the series, if that is the case I am very saddened as I am not happy with how it ended. More questions than answers. I want to know what happens to Ayla and Jondalar, will they go on to have the son she dreams of? Will he be in conflict with her first son? Ugh, I hate having more questions than answers.
Reading these books makes me wish I could go back to cave man times, for about two days, after that I would really want a house again and safety from the elements and wild beasts. Plus I don’t think I could cook the way they did. Ok, any cooking escapes me, but seriously, no microwave? I don’t think I could go long without my popcorn. OMG, I just thought of something, they didn’t have coffee! Oh yeah switch that 2 days to maybe 2 hours. No way am I going back to a time before coffee was discovered.
It is cold here today, again, it has been cold since Sunday, I don’t understand, and yes I know, I love the cold, however this is May 3rd, not February 3rd, when the cold is supposed to happen. I love cold weather but in context, when we are supposed to have it and when it is accompanied by snow, not rain. This weather is crazy; I hope we are not in for another ice age. If we have an ice age would it freeze the coffee beans? Would it freeze the chocolate plants? I could not take that.

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