Go Strong or Go Home

Last night the world learned the news that a madman no longer walks among us. I for one can sleep a little easier. The bible tells us “When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers” Proverbs 21:15 I fully believe the evildoers a little afraid today. Not just of the United States, but of the people who believe in good everywhere. Every news account that is being posted tells us that every nation is grateful this man is no longer walking the earth.
I have read a post of facebook today that just hit me the wrong way, someone said “thinks it is crappy the US must kill someone for people to gt patriotic!” He is wrong. We have all been patriotic for a long time, he must be hanging out with the wrong crowd. because I am here to tell this particular person, that his family line is beyond patriotic. I have said it before and I will say it again for his benefit this time, there has been a member of this family in the military in this country since 1774. there has not been a conflict or war that has gone without one of us sacrificing for this country. I would ask him, what do you do for your country? How do you show your patriotism?
I am infuriated by the people in this country that are sorry to see this man go, really? really? you wonder how we could be joyous due to this development? I suggest you go live with these people, perhaps get a true sense of what we have been fighting so valiantly for.
Perhaps you do not have the family history with this country that I and so many of us have. Perhaps you lost no one in the Oklahoma City bombing, or 9-1-1, perhaps you didn’t see the horrific news stories, the tales of final minutes. Or the tales of complete heroism that these people displayed.
Perhaps those of you who are confused by our joyful relief at this man’s demise should go back and watch the attacks again. Perhaps you will “get” it then. Perhaps not, I cannot answer for you. All I can tell you is that I am embarrassed you are an American at this point.

6 Replies to “Go Strong or Go Home”

  1. I obviously haven’t read the FB update you are referring to; however, I doubt that the individual who wrote it thinks it’s crappy that bin Laden is dead. My guess is that he’s referring to the understandably uncomfortable juxtaposition of seeing people rejoicing over someone’s death. Even if the person killed is evil beyond anyone’s wildest imagination, I can guarantee that there are a lot of people who are also unsettled with the concept of enjoying and celebrating someone’s death.


  2. I don’t think it is celebrating a death, it is more of a rejoicing that the end is near. that the reason we went over there is gone, done, they can come home now. I know more evil will crop up to take his place, but hopefully we can all breath a little bit before that happens.


  3. There is an understandably fine line between Justice and Revenge. ALL of us, myself included, need to be sure we take the High Road and do not become what so many WANT us to be.
    Plus, it is hard to celebrate putting down a rabid dog. You do it, but you just move on.
    Nonetheless, last night’s news was nothing but good. Hopefully we can begin The End (well of this phase) soon now.


  4. “the reason we went over there is gone, done, they can come home now”

    The fact that government quickly and repeatedly said that the war against terror is most definitely NOT over is what makes people perceive that the celebrations were, in fact, rejoicing in death. Is the end closer? Perhaps? But we are far from out of the woods.

    Jess’ “rabid dog” analogy is a good one.


  5. I agree with Jess, however, that is not new, I rarely disagree with him. You are right Amy, it is not over, it is my hopefulness that wishes it were. For a brief moment in time, last night, the world could breath, before going back into the fray.


  6. It’s a celebration that justice has been served.
    The war goes on, but now maybe it can take a different direction.


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