Gateway Day

Today is Thursday, yay, as we all know, Thursdays are the gateway to Fridays, so I love Thursday! This weekend is shaping up to be very busy indeed. I have plans for Saturday afternoon and if Linda is in town hopefully Saturday night, Sunday is Mother’s Day, so I will get to see my children, score! I also need to do some shoe shopping somewhere in there and also some grocery shopping.
Today I will pick up the Irishman’s daughters from school, I do believe this is a day that requires a little pick me up. Last time we went to Sonic for our pick me up, it was nice and we had snacks out at the picnic tables there. I don’t know where we will go today; I will have to think on it. It is supposed to be pretty so somewhere that has outdoor tables, I am not a huge fan of McDonalds, and however, they do have this one that is on Custer that has a great outdoor playground. Perhaps there, where they can run around and scream and wave their arms and just tire themselves out! Get some energy out from the yucky weather earlier in the week and from sitting in school all day. I do believe I have a plan in place.
Tomorrow will be my Mother’s Day entry; we all know what that means, I will be crying while writing about my mom, whom I still miss every day.
There is so much rattling around in my head that cannot go out to the public, perhaps I shall write it down to be published after my death. Most of you will be gone by then; women in my family live a long time, like 100 and beyond.
I have asked my children for work out things for Mother’s Day, I hope that will inspire me, new shoes, and new outfits, ready to go! Wish me luck!

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