Mother’s Day Special

It being Mother’s Day of course I sit here and contemplate my own mother, whom I miss tremendously. My mom was an amazing woman, wise, kind, loving, huge heart and a wicked sense of humor. I would love to be like her, have her quiet strength, her understanding, her way of making everyone around her feel loved, important and welcome. She had warmth about her that just drew people to her, it was natural, it wasn’t something she worked on, or perfected, it was who she was. She didn’t think about it, she just was this person.
At times I feel cheated, that my mom was so much older, I feel I should still have a mother at my age, but most of the time I just feel lucky. Downright lucky, see it wasn’t chance that made her my mother, it was purpose. I was adopted; she chose to raise me, to love me and to be my mother.
I would always tell her she was my favorite mother, and she would laugh and say well I guess I will take that as I am not the first mother you had, I would say, no you are the one that counts. It was our thing. We like so many of the same things; she used to tell me that I got those things from her by osmosis. I don’t care how I got those likes, I am just glad I acquired them, every time one of those tiny habits rears its head, I smile, because I am reminded of her, an amazing, wonderful woman who was my mother by choice.
Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there, whether you are a mother by nature or by paper, you are amazing and the job you do never ends. This is your one day to rest! Take advantage!!

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