Scott Baio

Yesterday I made an amazing discovery, Scott Baio is on twitter! Yes ladies our teenage dream is on twitter and we can hang on his every word! I know you are wondering what I did with that information, well I did the only thing I could. I hit the follow button, then proceeded to tell the world via twitter that @ScottBaio was on! This morning I woke to the amazing thing of being retweeted by Scott!!! I am living the teenage dream ladies!
I understand he has a new sitcom coming out on Nick at Night, their first original program ever. I will be watching, or if it is past my bedtime, setting the DVR!
Here is my question, who has retweeted you? Anyone interesting? Anyone famous? I would love to know.
Well for Mother’s Day Elizabeth gave me workout clothes, so now I will have to go to the gym, I do have to get new shoes first, which Alex gave me a gift certificate, so tomorrow I will be shopping for those. Why not today you ask, well I forgot the gift certificate at home. So I will put it in my purse tonight that way I am not fumbling in the morning to find it.
I got a good nights sleep last night so I am wide awake and ready to go, go where you ask, well that remains to be seen. I have found the day can take you anywhere.
Yesterday my friend told me that she and her husband welcomed their baby boy into the world! To quote Melanie from Gone with the Wind: “The best days are the days that babies are born” I am so happy for you guys, I know you are going to be amazing parents.
Today is Wednesday, it is almost Thursday then Friday then the weekend! WoooHooo! I have plans this weekend, so excited! and no, they do not involve stalking Scott Baio on Twitter, that is just a hobby, not a way of life, I know you were thinking it Jess.

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