Short and Sweet

The day has not started off well, I fell in the parking lot outside of work, I am wearing a dress and my knees are all scraped up. Not a good look, I was going to the bank and to the store after work, but will be going home to change into something that will hide my knees first. At least I can sit at my desk and hide my offensive appendages while here. My left knee is really beginning to hurt. But after all of that I got some news that was not only welcomed but very celebrated. I cannot say as of yet, it is not my news to tell and I don’t have permission to say anything. Just know it is very good news.
Well, remember last week when I said I was proud of a certain female for putting her children first, I spoke too soon. She has decided man chasing is the way to go, who cares about the kids, let’s just go out and party on the weekends to meet some random man. Then announce she took a risk and is proud of herself. REALLY? I am sorry, but when you become a mother, taking risks are out of the question. I am disgusted and done.
I am in desperate need of Starbucks; I wish they opened at 4:30.

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