Real Housewives of New Jersey is back with a Bang!

One of my favorite shows is back!!! Welcome back Real Housewives of New Jersey, oh how I have missed you. I really wondered if there would be enough drama to keep us all interested after Danielle left the show. Well, I should not have worried, the producers have found Melissa, she makes one say Danielle who. Melissa is Teresa’s sister-in-law and she is just, well, a mixture of ignorance, vindictiveness, and crazy. She peppers all conversation with “Praise Jesus”, and while I am a conservative Christian who loves Jesus with my whole heart, hearing the sentence “I was taught to be a cook in the kitchen a lady in the parlor and a whore in the bedroom, Praise Jesus”, actually caused me to do a spit take. Sorry Jess, you got beat this week.
If you have not watched this show, this season is the one to watch, right out of the gate there is a huge fight at a baby’s christening, mother/daughter drama, and a mom letting go of her children. I have to say hats off to Caroline, you and Albert raised amazing, independent, intelligent and funny children. It is hard letting go and you are doing so with class. Love, love, love you. To quote one of your cast mates.
The Irishman is not feeling well, all stuffy, sore throat and fever, I really hope I don’t get it. I woke up this morning not feeling that great, but after a nice hot shower, I was right as rain. And after my morning coffee, I was better than that! Today is Thursday which we all know is the gateway to Friday that makes me happy. Tomorrow I get to sleep in, although I will be at work until 7:30 as I traded with Jose, his son has a game, I am not sure what kind of game, I think soccer but I don’t know he wanted to go, so I traded with him. I know, I am incredibly magnanimous, I know you were thinking it so I said it. I will probably pass out on the drive home tomorrow evening! Someone check on me about 8pm please, make sure I made it home!

3 Replies to “Real Housewives of New Jersey is back with a Bang!”

  1. Man, and I worked hard for the almost spit-take I got this week. To be trumped by something I have never heard a real person say with a straight face?
    I think I am too depressed to work…


    1. Gladys this is my one guilty pleasure with reality tv. there are no contests, no one singing, dancing or losing weight, just good old fashioned Italian girls being catty for the most part.


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