The End of the World?

Two reasons I am in love with Starz right now, Camelot and the upcoming Torchwood, I think I am nerd heaven. Camelot is getting good, I am loving the evilness of Morgan, or Morgana as we all know her, and this one is just fun evil, taking the form of Arthur’s mother to infiltrate Camelot, a brilliant use of magical power. But then things turn ugly when she accidently kills a boy right after spending the day with him and Merlin. And how perfect is Merlin? Wow, conflicted about his powers, and he even kills, we see him kill purposely once then accidently a second time. This show just gets better and better.
Torchwood starts this summer and I cannot wait! Loved the BBC version cannot wait to see where it goes on Starz. They seem to be doing things right over there.
Speaking of cable shows, Game of Thrones, wow, amazing, did not see last night’s episode, so don’t spoil it for me. Jane Esponson wrote it, we all know her from Buffy and Angel fame. One of the great writers of those series; can’t wait to see what she did with this one. I also will need to watch the season ender of the Borgia’s, the show is good, don’t get me wrong, but every time Jeremy Irons speaks I just keep hearing Scar. I have got to get that out of my head and concentrate because he does a really good job as the head of the Borgia clan. They were “family” before it was defined as such. A more ruthless head of household did not exist at the time, ambitious, self-serving and completely oblivious to the pain he was causing everyone. Jeremy Irons is perfection in the part; I just wish I could get the Disney character out of my head.
My heart is heavy today waking to the news of Joplin, Missouri, all of those poor people, the whole town decimated. The world didn’t end on Saturday night, but Sunday night brought devastation to that town. Growing up in Oklahoma, you always knew someone who had relatives in Joplin or the surrounding area; my prayers are with all of the people there. Whatever we can do to help them will not be enough, the pictures look like a war zone. However, knowing Missourians, I know they will not only rebuild, they will come out of the other side of this stronger, they are a resilient people. Already tons of Oklahomans are pouring in to help. You are not alone, we are here, and the whole country is holding you in our hearts right now.
That’s all I have right now, I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe, Monday!

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