The Ugly Truth

I am about to divulge a horrible secret that no one warns you about when you are younger. If you are under the age of 25 I suggest you stop reading, what I am about to share will scare the living daylights out of you.
Aging is pure unadulterated hell, there I said it, that is the truth of the matter, you will never in your entire life look better than you did in your 20’s, unless you are horribly and tragically scared and completely ugly. Your skin loses elasticity and it does not come back, no matter how many beauty products you use. Oh trust me when I tell you that I thank God every single day for Mary Kay skin care because without it I know I would look a whole lot worse.
Your body begins to change as well, you don’t lose weight as easily, you can’t stay up until 2 in the morning then get up at 6 and go to work and be full of energy. No matter how much coffee you drink, you will never have as much energy as you did when you were in your 20’s. Your body begins to betray you, for those of you with those real cute tattoos on your backside and on your breasts, well those will eventually be to your knees, yes both sides, front and back. No matter how many lunges you do, sit-ups, bench presses, to your knees.
The only way to get rid of the lines and the sagginess altogether is to go under the knife, yes plastic surgery. I have often said it, I want it, I need it, I must have it, I cannot afford it. Right now. But eventually I will be able to. But the thing is, even with the plastic surgery, I will never ever look like I did in my 20’s. I was cute, hot even; I didn’t appreciate it, at all! If I could go back, understanding how pretty I was, I would rule the world.
Ok under 25’s you can begin reading now, enjoy your cuteness, your elastic skin and everything else for as long as you can.
Back in 2003 I began a journey to lose weight, I lost over 100 lbs, I recently faced the fact I have put 30 of those pounds back on. So on Monday as many of you know I joined Weight Watchers, I honestly had no clue how many bad things I was putting into my body. You just don’t realize until you have to keep track of it. My eating habits are changing, I am going through junk food withdrawal, I am not liking it, however we all have to make sacrifices if we want to look good and feel good. I can already tell a difference. I started working out on Friday, yesterday did not go to the gym, instead chased Tessa, and today went back to the gym. I hate, I will not deny this, no matter how much I work out those endorphins never kick in with me. However I will continue to go back for my daily torture because there is no way on this earth I am going back to the person I was before the weight loss.

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