Memorial Day Rememberance

Today is Memorial Day, a day we Americans have set aside for honoring our Veterans, men and women who have served or continue to serve in our armed forces. In the past I have spoken about each of the branches and my gratitude to everyone who served or serves. Today I wanted to focus on one man who served our nation and made a huge impact on my life in a personal way. So, today in Angie World I am honoring Great Grandpa Wells.
He was not my Great Grandpa, he was my children’s, and he was my ex-husbands grandfather who served in WWII. Not only did he serve but he gave a limb and some fingers to the cause as well. He came home as some would say not a whole man, those of us that were fortunate enough to know him, well we know that is a correct term because he came back twice the man most men are.
Like I said he was not my grandfather but my ex-husbands, I know you are thinking it is strange to write about an ex-in-law, however, this man was amazing. He was an ordinary man living an extraordinary life. I, of course did not know him before WWII, so I don’t know the man he was before, however, I know from experience, your core personality never changes. I believe before he went he was a man of integrity, honor and courage.
Great Grandpa Wells continued his dedication to serving when he returned from the war, he had a soft spot in particular for the Vietnam Vets, he made regular visits to the home for Veterans, ferrying the ones that needed it to doctor visits and also to the Veteran hospital. Of course he had the pre-requisite Cadillac that all older Americans seemed to love at that time, what a boat! But he also had a station wagon, that was what he used to carry the men (and it was mostly men those days) to their appointments. He said he could get quite a few in there and the back was roomy enough for ones that could not sit comfortably but had to lie down, he would put pillows and blankets down to make their ride comfortable.
He didn’t brag about doing these things, he just did them, he was unassuming in his greatness, he was humble in his dedication. He was simply a great man, a great example to his family in courage, honor and duty. I am so beyond proud that his DNA is part of my children’s genetic makeup, I can only hope those traits are passed down. Some of those things cannot be taught, but are innate, part of our genetic code.
So today, Great Grandpa Wells, I salute you, I remember you and all that you did, you had a profound effect on me and the way I see people. I thank you for your service, for your willingness to fight for the freedom of this country, to ensure that future generations had the same rights you enjoyed. Know that we all miss you and your quiet sense of humor, your kindness and your example.

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