A Letter to Granny Dee

Dear Dee,

It is said that it is not death that we fear but the fear that we won’t be missed once we are gone. I hope you know that will not be the case with you. The moment your soul left our plane of existence you were missed.
You and I were an odd pair for friends, what with you being my ex-mother-in-law. However you were my children’s grandmother, that bond is sacred. I would never have interfered with that. We had an unspoken rule that we never talked about your son. I always tried my best to remember that above all he was your son and no mother wants to hear nothing but bad about their child.
You were a good friend to me and when my own mother passed you were there for me. There were so many times over the years that you were there for me.
You went through some rough times, a rough few years if truth be told. You came out the other side stronger and with more faith than normal people have.
When I tell people that I love my ex-mother-in-law they simply stare at me. Most people don’t get to have the kind I had. Oh we had our differences over the years. You thought I should have had more of a social life, done things differently. But deeper than those disagreements was a friendship. Have no fears that you will not be missed. You already are and always will be.

Love always,

One Reply to “A Letter to Granny Dee”

  1. Thank you, Angie. Mom loved you & did feel she had a special relationship w/you. She didn’t blame you for my brothers decisions. You are the mother of her grandchildren & she loved you unconditionally. Your kind words are cherished. She is already missed!


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