A Sick Persons Ramblings

Well it is official, I am as sick as all get out, my glands are swollen and sore, I can’t breathe, my eyes won’t stop watering and my throat hurts. Of course I am at work spreading my germs, I do work for a major telecommunications corporation after all, and I am just a worker bee. I know what you are thinking, you could get it FMLA approved, well, let me tell you, I never have luck with that. It doesn’t matter what illness I have, that stuff never goes through for me. I was in the hospital having a procedure and it was denied. Crazy nuts. Oh well, I shall persevere, I am going to call the dr on my lunch break and see if he can see me today. I think I need medication, no not for the mental part, the physical.
I have not seen The Real Housewives of New Jersey yet, so no recap for that show, however I did catch Game of Thrones, and all I can say is wow. I wont bore everyone here with a recap as I know many of you are not fans of this genre, but if you are and don’t have HBO, please download the episodes as soon as you can. Because, well, WOW!
I saw more cars on the road this morning than I have ever seen since starting this shift, which was a year and a half ago. I think other people are starting to copy the 5:00 am start time. That or they have stayed out all night partying and are just now going home. And if that is the case, what do these people do for a living that they can do that? I have often wondered at the people who can party like a rock star during the week and then go to work the next day. What do they do for a living that they can do that? If you are one of those people that do that I would love to hear from you!

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