Still Sick

So the diet thing is working very well, today I am wearing a dress I have never been able to wear since the day I bought it. So very happy! I look good! I will eventually be as skinny as I want to be, perhaps a size 0, dare I wish? That is a pipe dream, I have never been that small, EVER, in my entire life, maybe when I am a really old woman, I will be shrunken to that size. You shrink when you get older, I look forward to that.
I still cannot quit coughing and am still incredibly congested, I can feel the fluid in my ears, this is not good. I called the doctor yesterday; I am waiting for a call back. This is not normal, if anyone else has had this illness please tell me how long it lasts. Sometimes it is hard to breath, which is also not normal and not good.
I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, I will have Tessa tonight but she sleeps till 9 or 10 in the morning, so I will be sleeping until at least 6! Very excited about that situation, I am so ready to not wake up at 3:00 a.m. Our new shift bid just came out and I of course chose the same shift I have now, due to the fact I love getting off at 1:30 in the afternoon. However, next time I may choose a 9 to 5:30 shift. Go to work at a normal time, perhaps even workout before hand then go to work, and then go to bed at a regular hour like 10:30 or 11, instead of 7:00 at night.
It is a short one today, as I am tired, exhausted really, being sick all the time has done me in. I just want to be better, I want to quit coughing and I want to quit blowing my nose.

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