A better Day

So yesterday was back to the doctor for me, he gave me a steroid shot to reduce the swelling in my sinuses and open up my lungs. I have never had a steroid shot before; I don’t mind telling you it knocked me out. In a really strange way, I slept really hard for about an hour, woke up, then went back to sleep off and on all night, but it was a hard sleep every time. Very strange. I hope that shot works; I am so tired of feeling bad and not having coffee and not being able to smell anything. I can’t smell my food. I do feel better this morning, I am not coughing as much, nor am I blowing my nose as much. Keep your fingers crossed.
My doctor asked me if this was the longest I had ever been sick, I go to the doctor maybe once a year, this has been crazy. I said yes, yes it is, and I am sick of it! He laughed at me and then said you are getting a shot. Maybe he is sick of seeing me.
Now for a familiar segment, does that make my dog crazy, of course the dog in question is Chewie. Every weekday morning I get up at 3:300 am, or that is when my alarm goes off. Every weekday morning I have to wake Chewie up to eat and do his business before I leave. Every morning that I have the day off, from 3:00 am to 6:00 am Chewie will not leave me alone. He constantly wakes me up, I feed him, let him out, make sure he has fresh water, he continues to wake me up about every 30 minutes, until at 6:00 I get up and tell him that is it, I am up, what do you want. He then goes in front of the television and lays down. Does that make my dog crazy, or is he making me crazy?

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