From the past

I am not able to talk about current events so I am going to go back to the past and talk about this time last year.
Last year on Fourth of July, the weekend was great, fun, food and hanging out with friends. Then the weekend is over, I go to bed at my normal time, now when I normally get up it is always dark, and this time I woke in the light! I look at the clock 8:30! I am panic stricken. What to do! I know what you are thinking, being late is not that big a deal, well maybe not in the real world, however, in the telephone company world it is huge! I have never been late, not like this. In my panic I pick up the phone and call our attendance department. I tell the person who answers, we will call her Azure, because that is her name, and I say Azure, I’m late, I can’t believe I am over 3 hours late, is there anything I can do? Take a vacation day, something. She says, um Angie your not late it’s a holiday, I say no, that was yesterday, she says no it’s today. I said Azure it is 8:30, she says yes it is. In the evening, I continue to argue with her, she begins laughing. At one point laughing so hard she can no longer talk to me. Then it hits me it is 8:30 pm, I slept about an hour, woke up and decided since it was light outside I was late for work.
The most embarrassing part was actually arguing with Azure about what day it was. I was incredibly disoriented. I was able to go right back to sleep and my alarm went off at the right time the next day and I was on time for work.

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