Pure Goodness in the World

I hate the heat, I think everyone knows that by now, let me tell you exactly why I hate the heat and I love the cold. When you are hot there are only so many items of clothing you can remove, when you are cold you can always add layers. When you are hot, you sweat and smell, when you are cold there is no sweat therefore no odor factor involved. In the heat you become drained, when you go out into a snow filled wonderland you are invigorated. The heat leaves you feeling wilted and yucky, a cold in the summer is 50 times worse than a cold in the winter. In the summer time there are allergens in the air, in the winter the cold kills them off.
Let’s talk about snow, snow is the great equalizer, you put a blanket of pure white sparkly goodness on top of the world and it is beautiful. You put a layer of scorching heat on the world and you get pure nastiness. I believe in that one sentence I have proven that winter is better than summer, not to mention great sweater dresses and boots, the boots! I am enamored with boots, I love them, ankle boots, knee boots, over the knee boots, you name them and I love them. Black boots, brown boots, purple boots, red boots, they are all amazing.
So there you have it people, you don’t smell in the winter plus fabulous outfits, what more could one want? Seriously.
Although, I have to admit, I miss my summers spent in Owasso, going to the creek and the pond, swimming, fishing with my dad. Laying out, watching soaps with Tammi, I do miss that, immensely. Especially this week, I am feeling incredibly nostalgic, it is probably because it is almost 4th of July. We always had everyone over and shot firecrackers and ate watermelon by the ton. It is probably one of the reasons I crave watermelon so much this time of year. I eat it every day, with salt on it, with that first bite I am transported back to a table covered in newspaper and my dad making the first cut on that first watermelon of the season, pure goodness.
I hope everyone has their moment of pure goodness this watermelon season, I know in this day and age we could all use that moment to get us through difficult times.

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