Adult Musical Tastes?

Someone across the room is hacking and coughing, I am staying away from them! I do not want to cough again, I am still congested and my ears feel stopped up, I got the name of an ENT from my doctor. I am calling today to make an appointment, I am guessing that they will tell me along with whatever is wrong with me I also have severe hearing loss. I have a hard time hearing a lot of things. I have only myself to blame, a lot of really loud rock and roll when I was young and well not so young. I still like loud music, there is just something about playing Kiss as loud as one can get it and simply rocking out that gets my day started the right way.
I often wonder if there is something wrong with me, I thought at the age that I am my musical tastes would have evolved. I am so across the board in my likes, everything from Disco, boy bands, hard rock, heavy metal, rap (yes rap) classical, orchestra (who does not love John Williams?) I have a deep love of pop music. It is insanity, I should go on Kidd Kraddick’s bit, does that make me crazy. I am not overly fond of country, however, I do have my favorites, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, oh who does not love the great I wanna talk about me song! LOVE IT! I wonder if anyone else has as strange listening habits as I do. Oh and please check out my ultimate favorite these days Christian Kane, he totally rocks.
Well our nations birthday is coming up, I will not write about it now, however want to give you fair warning I will be waxing on in a completely sentimental way.

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