A little Ode to Scott Baio

So I found one of my teenage idols on twitter, Scott Baio, he along with Leif Garrett and The Bay City Rollers adorned my teenage bedroom walls. What I have found since following him on twitter is that he is really funny. Caustic, sarcastic, wicked sense of humor, and loyal, loyal to his family, he immediately shoots down overly flirty fans. Letting them know in no uncertain terms his wife is his world. I admire him for this.
I had the opportunity to actually meet Scott Baio in the ‘90’s and even thought I made a complete fool of myself he was kind and gracious. Let me tell you a little of what happened, I will never tell the complete story because, well I was a donkey.
It was on the set of Diagnosis Murder, my ex-mother-in-law’s boyfriend was the head of security on the set. When he told me what show he was working on I about fainted. Literally. He was so funny, Chris managed to get me an autographed photo of Scott and then when I came out to visit Chris made arrangements for me to visit the set and meet Scott Baio.
It was a magical day, lunch on the set with the extras, OMG, now let me tell you that was spectacular. You might scoff, but these are people you see in everything, sitting there I was like wow I have seen you and you and you in multiple shows. They asked me how long I had been an extra because they had not seen me before. I explain why I am there; I have to tell you not one of them had one bad thing to say about Scott. All of them said how nice he was and how they always enjoyed working with him. Then they all started telling me what to say, what not to say, and I became extraordinarily nervous.
First I met Dick Van Dyke, wonderful man, very nice, then, then it happened, Scott Baio walked out of his trailer and every word the extras had said to be began bouncing around my brain. Chris called Scott over and introduced me, he was very nice, shook my hand, said I understand you are from Texas, to get the conversation going, as I was just standing there staring at the person who had graced my bedroom walls so many years before.
I managed to find my voice eventually, and that was not a good thing, I did manage to embarrass myself, and Scott Baio still nice, kind and gracious. So when I see people saying unkind things about him or his family I do get a little miffed. I think back to when he could have been so snarky and sarcastic with one fan who at that point could only see him with teenage eyes.
To this day I will watch anything he is in, so happy he has said he will never do reality TV, as in Dancing with the Stars, you all know how I feel about that show. I refuse to watch it, however if Scott Baio were on it I would be forced to. So thank you Scott for not doing that!

One Reply to “A little Ode to Scott Baio”

  1. Curse you… by telling this story publically, you have taken away some of my blackmail material. At least I still know the juicy parts.


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