Weekend Update

It was another busy weekend, and it was my Tessa’s birthday. She is an amazing little girl, full of laughter, life and love. I love my son and grand daughter, however, a birthday party in July, in Texas, should be held indoors! It was hotter than hot here yesterday; we did not stay the whole two hours as it was too hot. My son said he and Tess left about 15 minutes after we did, she was too hot and tired to enjoy it anymore. But happy happy 4th birthday to my beautiful Tessa. After the party Elizabeth and I took the Irishman’s daughters to Taco Bueno, of course, as we are Bueno Heads. Love that place!! Cannot get enough of it!
Saturday was not an easy day, it was a good day, but not easy, our ladies that lunch went to Sandi’s mother’s home for our monthly gathering. We had great food and amazing fellowship, Al opened her home and her hearts to us and shared some things of Sandi’s with us. I love this group of women, all so amazing in their accomplishments and truly wonderful hearts. We have decided to move our luncheons to Saturday instead of Sunday due to being more convenient for everyone. It is more difficult for some to come on Sundays than Saturdays. I am available either day, I feel as if my soul is renewed after meeting with everyone. Next month will be a potluck; we are supposed to bring our favorite dish we make. Make? Do they not know my forte lies in buying, not making? What to do, what to do.
I am still tired today, I did not sleep well last night, I don’t know if it was the heat or the stress I am under, I am betting the stress. I don’t want to talk about what has me stressed as it is so incredibly painful, that to put it into words would be too much for me at this point.
Weight loss is going well; I can now feel my ribs, so excited! Cannot wait for bones to stick out where people can actually see them that is my goal. I want to be so thing that people remark on how thin I am, not just as a way of placating me, but in a way that they are truly shocked at how thin I am. I think this is my way of controlling my life, as there are so many things I have no control over. My food intake is something I can regulate.
I hope everyone has a great week!

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