Cooking Skills and Stuff

I have so many thoughts in my head that absolutely can never come out that it is killing me. Heaven help everyone if I ever get Alzheimer’s and forget I am not supposed to tell things. I need a day to me, where I am totally alone and I can geek out or lifetime tv it up, with no interruptions, no condescending remarks on my viewing habits or eating habits. I plan for my popcorn treats thank you very much. I need no comments. I need no comments on my diet coke habit, which I try to keep to 3 a week, not too bad if you ask me. I don’t foresee such a day in the near future. I may go completely insane soon, and not in the good way that I already am.
If the heat gets much more unbearable I am moving to Alaska, or Wyoming, one of the two, oh in Wyoming I can ride horses! I choose Wyoming.
So on Weight Watchers I find myself eating less and less, the point value for the day is 29; I like to keep it to 20 if I can. It would be great if I could get it under 20 points a day! Can you imagine the weight I could lose? Oh the thought! I am heady with the images of a skinny me.
I have lost whatever little cooking skills I ever possessed; I cannot remember how to make potato salad, how sad is that. I know I have a theory and it is that I am pretty I don’t have to cook. I stand by that theory; Elizabeth does not cook either, so there. We are both non-cookers cause we are pretty.
If you are pretty and you cook, please no hate messages, this is all very tongue in cheek, I have never enjoyed cooking and I am sure I would not have enjoyed it even if I were unattractive. The concept of it relaxes one is just lost on me, I have never enjoyed spending all of my time in the kitchen over a hot stove, mixing, measuring, stirring, I think I just got a little queasy from the thought. I shall leave the real cooking to the professionals. Although I will say I make killer dressing, I love my dressing, before you all jump on that, it is my moms recipe. Passed down to me and I do it well. That’s about it.
So, happy birthday Alex, my youngest who is 20 today, I hope your day is everything you want it to be.

2 Replies to “Cooking Skills and Stuff”

  1. – Why can’t you get a day with no comments? Just declare a day “I don’t want to hear it Day” and let it be so. Nothing wrong with that!
    – You know who was pretty and cooked…
    – That’s right, Giada DeLaurentis. good lord that woman is pretty! And since she is a daughter of a director, and directors are capable of casting you in your own show, you don’t want to hack off a director by saying either his daughter can’t cook or is not pretty (especially since he was a director in the mid 20th century and could have his pick of hot starlets and thus picked a pretty one to be his daughter’s mother), do you? My logic is flawless!
    – Happy BD Alex!


  2. Lol! I read this to freddy!!!! He kept saying “and you know who suffers, me!!!!!” lol I have no desire to cook, I hate waiting for my food and I see no point in cooking food when I’m not hungry….


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