Friday at Last

It’s Friday and I don’t think I can enjoy it, I need a vacation from my life, nothing I ever do is right; everyone has something to complain about, in regards to me. If I have done something right in regards to whomever you are a shout out would be great. Because at home I am under so much stress and cannot seem to do anything correctly. Not even order pizza, it is crazy, or maybe I am, I am telling everyone right now that I need a vacation. I need a day at a spa, I need a massage, I need to sit down and read a book without that being criticized. And it is not one single person doing the criticizing it is many people. I can’t do anything right at work, not at home, not even in my car. I need a break, I need something. I need praise, let’s be honest, I feed off of it, I crave it and I am not getting it. Anywhere. I miss my Mary Kay meetings; I was always guaranteed praise once a week. I wish just one person in my life had something positive to say about me. I feel so beat down right now.
I find myself not looking forward to anything anymore, although Taco Bueno with Elizabeth Anne was greatness, I did like that. This overwhelming feeling of failure is not greatness, I have so many failures recently, I have failed at being a mother, apparently at being a fiancé and anything else I can think of. My life is a mess and I don’t know how to fix it. I still miss Sandi every day and I have the compounded grief of missing Dee, not to mention Arthur. Now everything else, craziness, I used to be such a together human. Everything seems so difficult now, I go home, watch TV, do laundry, vacuum, then hide the rest of the evening in my bedroom. For several different reasons, not just one.
I am afraid the stress in my life is going to make me look old, I know you are thinking, that is your big worry, well yes, yes it is. When you are a person like me, who has gotten by on their looks all this time, that is a huge fear. I guess there is always Botox for that worry.
Any other suggestions for lessening my stress or for stress relief are greatly appreciated, as I do not see the stress factors going away anytime soon.

6 Replies to “Friday at Last”

  1. Remember the days when we sat in church and a certain person’s prayer request drove us crazy. Ex. – Please pray for my sister’s aunt’s cousin’s next door neighbor’s dog that is having puppies. Or remember a certain little girl in pink puppies that would NEVER stop crying during nap time (you were the only one who could calm her down by the way). Yes…I miss those days believe it or not. Who would of thought? Anyway….in my humble opinion, you do everything right! Let them call me and I’ll tell them so!!!!Love you still Ms. Angie!


  2. My life would be rather unhappy right now without you self and your advice. I would never know it is OK to be as messed up as I was, and I would have a hard time moving forward without your encouragement. Heck, I can’t even decide on shorts or slacks without your advice!
    You got it going on… never doubt that!


  3. Kick him out!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a good mom and you are carrying all of us afloat. Without you I would have no Internet, phone, computer, health insurance and the list goes on. Love you mom!


  4. Jan and Jess what would I ever do without your friendship? I don’t know what I did to deserve friends like you, but I will take it! Love you both!
    Elizabeth, well, I am fortunate that you are my daughter. I love you too sweetheart!


  5. I know what a wonderful person, mother, and friend you are. You were there for me and gave me advice and encouragment when my own mother only gave me criticism.


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