Life Calling

I have decided on my life vocation, comedian, I think I would be brilliant at this. Here is my goal, become a stand up comic, get discovered by Hollywood, get my own sitcom and hire Dean Cain as my love interest next door neighbor co-star. I think I could do it. I am very funny; of course it is more commentary funny than anything else. Or maybe reactionary funny, I can’t decide. I just know that I would be brilliant at it. However if you are going to come to one of my shows, don’t bring the kids, you make more money if you work blue.
I don’t know if I have always been funny or if I became funny after a lifetime of pain, interesting they say the best comics have had something traumatic happen to them. Well that would be me; I have not had an easy life however I have been able to keep a sense of humor throughout it all. My dad always said it was better to laugh than to cry. I believe him, I am not a pretty crier, so laughing is definitely better for me.
Side benefit of being a famous comic, I might get to do sci-fi, I mean seriously, who does not want to be a green girl? Or a mutant, I wonder what my power would be? I totally need a character that is Cordelia like in nature as I am basically her or she is me. I can’t decide which came first, the egg or the chicken. I know without a doubt I have been wasting my potential. The potential for comedy, I think I have proven I am great in situations that are outside my norm. The Scott Baio incident proves that, as well as the Garth Brooks one. Plus I am pretty, pretty girls who are funny are all the rage now, so I am hitting at the right time. As far as age goes, well, after a few shows I can afford plastic surgery and will be able to shave a few years off, ok, more than I already do.
I do believe this is going to be a good vocation for me, I think I have found my calling in life. And so late in life, wonder what God was thinking.

2 Replies to “Life Calling”

  1. #1: The world was just waiting to catch up with your brilliance, hence finding your calling late in life.
    #2: You should TOTALLY start a show like Mystery Science Theatre 3000, except this time you mock Reality TV shows. Insta-hit! Think about it… you, Dean Cain, and a guest-de-jour in a darkened room making snarky comments? What’s not awesome about this. I will say, however, that I will have to be one of the guests-de-jour in the later part of the season, because once the producers see you and I playing off each other, they will want to hire me on as a permanent fixture, thus locking out all your other friends. Plus, I can totally carry the show when you get “distracted.”


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