When Thursday is Friday

Today is my Friday, I am very grateful; I am very tired, very stressed out and in need of rest, at least 8 hours of rest. Tomorrow I will be heading to Bonham to see Jeffrey Andrew and getting my car fixed, the air is going out and now there is an exhaust leak. Then at 3:00 I will be seeing Tessa! Very excited about that, I have not gotten to see her in a while and she has not gotten to spend the night with me in a long time. I miss my girl.
So last night, in the middle of the night, my son Alex wakes me up and says come in the living room, he bought me a new couch! It was shocking, I am very happy, I needed a new one and this was a very nice thing for him to do.
Saturday is my mom’s birthday, she would be 98, I know there is a huge celebration planned in heaven for her. Trust me when I tell you she earned all of her birthday celebrations, I miss her so much, but I know that one day I will get to see her and catch her up on all that has gone on. Perhaps she knows, perhaps she is very busy up there with my dad, my son, her parents and siblings. I envision them celebrating and singing and visiting non-stop, I also see my mom as being a young woman with my dad being a young man, in the early days of their marriage. They were so cute together, even in the “twilight” years of their marriage. Always holding hands, sneaking kisses, flirting with one another and always having each others backs. They were an amazing team and I am so happy that they are together now.
Week after next will be a difficult week for me, August 9th is Michael’s birthday and August 11th is the anniversary of my mom’s going home. If I am cranky and moody and sometimes downright mean, please have patience, perhaps I shall not write that week, or I may go overboard, hard to tell. Every year is different; it has gotten more difficult since my mom passed two days after Michael’s birthday. Perhaps that was her last act of mothering to me; she went to watch over my son, until I can go be his mom again.
I know I am kind of all over the board today, I feel scattered, perhaps it is the medication, it may have taken effect now. Today is the second day and I took the meds with coffee, heaven help us all.

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