Happy Birthday Mom!

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday, she would have been 98, two more years to 100, she was born in 1913, July 30, 1913 to be exact. As most of you know from reading me, my mom passed away in 2003, August 11 was the date. I still miss my mom, I miss her humor, her wisdom and her quiet presence, I miss that most of all. I always felt like I was a better person just by being around her.
I remember the exact moment I fell in love with my mother, just really, heart, and soul, mind and being adoration of her. It was after my grandmother died, I was extremely close to my grandmother, she and I were so much alike, she gave me my love of trashy romance novels, Hollywood gossip and taught me to argue like a Southern woman. When she left this earth I was bereft, I very literally ran away to home, back to my mom and dad. I took my son Jeffrey and went for a week.
I think my mom was really sad to see me in so much pain, I remember it clearly, I was sitting at the dining room table and my mom was in the kitchen. She walked over, sat down, and took both of my hands in hers and looked me in the eye and said “I’ll argue with you if it will make you feel better”. I know that doesn’t seem like a huge thing to most of you out there, but my mom hated arguing, with a passion. I said yes, I think that would make me feel better. However we kept agreeing on everything and ended up in laughter agreeing to agree! It was a pivotal moment in our relationship, I knew without a doubt I would love this woman forever and I knew she loved me like a real daughter. Being adopted it was a huge moment for the both of us, I believe.
Her willingness to do something she didn’t like in order to take away my pain says so much about the kind of woman my mother was.
I know that in heaven yesterday there was a huge party, with my mother surrounded by all of her loved ones up there, her mother and father, her siblings, the baby she lost, my son, and of course her beloved Daddio, my dad. I can see them holding hands, her blushing like a school girl while he steals a kiss on the cheek.
Happy birthday Mom, I love you, you are my favorite mom!

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