Getting Skinny

As of yesterday I have lost 19 pounds, thank you Weight Watchers, I feel a little better about myself. I still have my fat days, but I feel skinnier on the whole. Only 80 more pounds to go!! Then I will be perfect.
It is hot here in North Texas, seriously 107 degrees, over 30 days and counting of 100 + weather, and I hate the heat. I love the cold, I think we all know that, I want snow, ice, rain all of it. I love wearing sweater dresses and boots, tights and coats. Please bring back winter, I promise I will be good if you bring back winter!
Yesterday it was to Bonham for the Irishman’s car, luckily it was not what Auto Zone told him, it was just a battery and Jeffrey was able to correct the issue and save the Irishman some money. Today it is my car, a continuation of last week, Jeffrey had to order the part, so today my car will be perfect, yay!
I am cutting back on my food intake little by little, I am supposed to have 29 points a day, I have that down to about 20 now, some days I admit I eat the whole 29, but on the whole I keep it under that. I eat a lot of fresh fruit; those are all free point wise in the Weight Watcher system. I think I am very healthy. I do miss sour skittles and cheetos, I miss cheetos a lot, I dream about them. When I am old and it doesn’t matter if I am fat, like when I am 98, I am going to eat nothing but puffy cheetos for like a year. Then the next year I am going to eat nothing but sour skittles, then chocolate, then a whole year of Starbucks. So excited! Can’t wait to get old!

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