The Big Breakup

I would like to report a sad occurrence, it will come as no surprise to some, others, well you will be shocked to your very core. I have broken up with weather, it was not my fault, and I would like to say right now I am innocent of any wrong doing. Weather has betrayed me on many occasions, the promise of snow, then none, taunting me with cooler temperatures, then yanking it away. This summer has been the last straw, blasting me with temperatures that are beyond humanly endurable. I don’t know what I did to deserve such callous treatment; however, I have reached my breaking point. The relationship is abusive in nature, in the past I have lavished praise on Weather, telling all how good he is to me. With the snow, the ice, rain, sleet and cooler temperatures of the past, but now, with the furnace like heat blasting me in the face every time I step beyond my air conditioned haven. Well I can no longer take the abuse. We are done, I know what you are thinking, as soon as Weather shows remorse and the temperatures drop to something more normalized I will take him back. Not this time, I am done with the taunting, the teasing the blatant, spiteful inconsistencies.
If anyone out there is in an abusive relationship with someone like Weather, get out now, drop them, teach them a lesson. We will not take it anymore!
So it is Friday, I am wearing a great outfit and my hair is amazing today! All in all a good day to break up with Weather as he will be jealous that I have moved on so easily. I am dumping him to spend more time with Television; Television has never let me down, has always been there and loves me.

4 Replies to “The Big Breakup”

  1. Time Warner Cable is an evil bitch. The only guarantee is that she will return with vengeance when you least expect and need television the most


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