More Fun Owasso, Oklahoma Happenings

This weekend I discovered the most amazing thing, on Facebook of course, there is a new page called You know you are from Owasso if…. Well you all know I am all over that, it has been the most fun, there are over 1100 members so far. We are of all ages, classes and bring different memories to the site.
As all of you who read me regularly know I am very loyal to my hometown of Owasso, Oklahoma, I still believe it was the best place to grow up. We had the best teachers and from I can see received the best public school education in America. We were not taught to pass a standardized test, we were taught by teachers who were passionate about their calling. Teachers who were brilliant themselves, Mr. Wright, who taught history with a passion, anyone remember his war reenactments? Mrs. Arnold, who taught English, she was so tough, strong and scary at times, I learned so much from her. Oh and for those on that site that had her, please clean up your grammar, if she ever finds us she is going to be on some of you like a duck on a June bug.
Reading everyone’s memories, posting some of my own, I was overwhelmed by the flood of emotion and memories this weekend. I left Owasso as soon as I could, however, that does not mean I didn’t love it, I did and still do. Owasso holds challenging memories for me as well, my son is buried there along with my parents. Along with the happy memories there are difficult ones, I deal with the ones that I can and push the ones that are too painful away.
I love to go visit, I love seeing the growth, it is not the same Owasso, it has grown so much and I am grateful. I am grateful my home town did not go the way of a lot of small towns in Oklahoma. They have not stagnated, they have grown and prospered. I am so very proud to say I am an Owassoan. We all so totally rock, on the whole, we are all smart, funny, caring and amazing humans. We have found our way in the world and are making our mark. We, the natives, have not remained still either, as Owasso grew, so did we. In our chosen places of abode, I landed in Texas, after a brief sojourn to Georgia. Others landed in California, Florida, Missouri, over seas. Serving our great country, we learned a lot about loyalty and giving back in Owasso.
Today I am often horrified at the level of public education in the state of Texas; all the teachers do is teach a standardized test, it is horrifying how much these children do not know. Thankfully mine all went through before that was really pushed. I am not impressed with these children, I do not believe if they pass this test they have high intellect, they know nothing about history, they cannot speak proper English and their vocabulary’s are stagnate. It is horrid, if this is the level of education that all of American children are receiving these days, we need to start over, use Owasso back in the day as a model. I am with Matt Damon on this issue, I was taught to use my imagination, I was taught history, math, English, literature, music and pride, pride in my achievements. Achievements that for the most part cannot be measured by a standardized test, thanks to the teachers in Owasso, and my mother, I have a large vocabulary, a comprehension skill that I hope staves off dementia, and I still have a love of learning.
To all of my amazing teachers of Owasso, Oklahoma, I salute you, I take my hat off to you, I lift my glass in your honor. You totally rocked my world!

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