Almost Time…..

Another day, another chance to eat within my points, I did it yesterday, even managing to have Taco Bueno. I am so totally a Taco Bueno girl, I don’t even know when it started but there it is. I am about to make a confession here, I know you all will be shocked to your very cores, but if someone told me I would have to choose between Starbucks and Taco Bueno, I would choose Bueno. I can make coffee at home; I cannot make Taco Bueno food at home. One reason is I don’t cook, I choose not to, and it always turns out weird. So I stopped. No need to cook when there are so many options available, especially in Plano, TX.
Here lately I have become enamored with watermelon, I cannot get enough of it, I eat it every day, all day and it is zero points so I can just eat all of it! And I do, I will probably get tired of it eventually but for now, yum and refreshing in this heat.
Ok, it is almost that time again, United Way time, we will begin our fund raising efforts next week, scouring the area for giveaways that we can auction or raffle off to make money for this great cause. Last year was a phenomenal fund raising period, our group raised over $9,000.00 for United Way. I am looking to go over $10,000.00 this year. We have two months to make it happen. So if any of you out there have a business you would like to promote, or would like to donate a gift basket for us to raffle, I am taking donations. Please leave your contact information in the comments section, or at least your email address and I will contact you.
Ok people today is Tuesday, go out and make it a spectacular day!

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