Waiting on Ronald Regan

It is almost that time again, yes, the presidential election time, and I am not looking forward to it. Our country is in terrible shape, the current administration continues to blame the former one for their missteps, and the choices that are out there are, well, disheartening at best.
Where or where is a Ronald Regan when you need him? Someone to rid in on their trusty steed and save the day, a cowboy, tall, commanding, tough when he needs to be and understanding when that is called for? When did we become a country of pacifists? When did that happen? I wasn’t paying attention, it slipped by me and countless others. Why are we not getting tough on some issues and why do we continue to try and save the world from their selves? Yes children are starving in Africa, but children are starving here as well, in our country. Save us first, then save others. Texas is in a serious situation with the drought conditions, no relief in site, yet the federal government doesn’t think it is that bad. Perhaps the President should come tour our state, oh wait, he’s on vacation. Sorry Mr. President didn’t mean to interrupt your good time with our bad one.
And before you write me off as a Republican who does nothing but criticize the current administration, let’s get this straight, Sarah Palin is a joke, Michele Bachman is scary, Mitt Romney well, no comment, the one I really like who has the least chance is Tim Pawlenty, he’s too nice, so far, he may show some teeth later on.
I am seriously disheartened by how many of my facebook friends “like” Sarah Palin, that woman is just scary, and illiterate, uneducated, by choice!! And if she is joking on not knowing American history, well it is a poor joke at best, at worst it is tacky. Her comments are unconscionable as she tries to rile up the people with the least education and the least understanding of well anything that has to do with the judicial system, the bill making process (was I the only one watching School House Rock?) she seems to cater to the lowest common dominator. I also want to know why she was talking to when she was talking about Joe six-pack. Who is that? And winking and calling herself a maverick. I will be honest, I can’t stand the sound of her voice, it is grating, her accent is repugnant to me. I don’t understand her popularity; perhaps someone can explain it to me.
Anyway, now is the time for real change, not surface change, now is the time for hard work, on the part of the American people and the American political machine. We want someone who can be effective, not push their own agendas, but do what is best for the whole. Who are you? I’m waiting for you.

2 Replies to “Waiting on Ronald Regan”

    1. I do not, I know I wax nostalgic from time to time, but the reality of it is, I do not believe Ronald Regan would win today. I don’t know who will, but I know who I don’t want to win.


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