Making Money

Today is our first food sale to raise funds for United Way, I am very excited to be jumping back onto the merry-go-round. United Way helps so many people in so many areas. I am honored to help in any small way I can to help they reach their financial goals. You too can help, by buying jerseys, raffle tickets or food from us or anyone that you know is raising funds for this worthwhile cause.
The meat is heating, the cheese is heating and I am getting dressed to go out and raise some money! What a great Friday indeed.
As I reflect on all of the things that have happened since I was last doing this activity, I am amazed I can stand. It is almost the one year anniversary of losing Sandi, then our beloved pet Arthur passed, then losing Dee, then some other things I refuse to talk about here, a very rough year indeed. However what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? We shall see, I am moving forward, trying not to look back too much as I cannot change anything, all I can do is learn from it and hopefully not be doomed to repeat certain mistakes.

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