Mood Thingy

Yesterday was our first food sale of the United Way season; I have to say it went fantastic! My team officially rocks! I know lately I have been evasive and not very giving with information on my private life, not that I am an open book in that area to begin with. However, I know lately I have been more evasive than usual.
There are reasons for that, it has been a rough year, and an extremely rough couple of months, but I am muddling through the best I can, and can even see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I’ll be honest right now I could use a day at home where no one is here, an impossibility these days, but it is what I really want, just one day of peace and quiet, just time for me to read or watch television or both. I am adept at doing both of those things, what would you do if you had your home to yourself for an entire day? Would you sing, shout, knock yourself out? A prize to the person who knows what and whom I am quoting with that previous sentence.
It is a long weekend, with no specific plans, the Irishman has to work today and beginning tomorrow he has his children, so nothing fun in the near future for me. Perhaps I will take a nap today, not exciting but definitely reeks of escapism, or perhaps I shall lock myself in the bedroom with a book and the television. However I am furious with Time Warner Cable right now, I cannot view anything On Demand, all I get is a black screen, I called in this morning to have them fix it and all I got was a oh I’ll send this up to our networking group. Well I work for a large telecommunications corporation, I know what that means. I am totally screwed and will not be able to watch Torchwood today, maybe tomorrow. I was also going to watch the Lifetime movie with Charisma Carpenter in it, now I can do neither. I am not in a good mood. Also was making an iced coffee thingy and of course with the lid of my blender broke I made a mess. Nothing is going the way I want it to, I think I need to scream and shout. Alright folks there is a new feature here, it is a moodthingy, yes that is the correct name of it, please let me know how this blog made you feel!

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