Labor Day Ramblings

I have found there is only so much that we, as women, can take before circumstances make us completely insane.I reached that point about 3 months ago, I find myself on a quest to find out the truth and nothing but the truth, so help EVERYONE around me. That truth is not pretty,nor is it palatable, however, muddle through I shall. Anyone who knows me (my children) will tell you, if you have a secret I am going to find out, if that secret directly affects me, I am going to work overtime to ferret out the truth. And when I do, there will be consequences for the offending parties actions. I have never been one to let things alone, or to ignore evidence, I should have been a dectective. Who knows maybe I was in a former life, a gum shoe in the 1940’s, a redhead who wore a hat, with one of those great outfits you see the old movie stars wearing. And the shoes! Perhaps it is not too late for me, I have the great outfits and shoes are never an issue, I can always dye my hair.
The one thing I feel horrendous about, in my desire to ferret out the truth I have hurt someone, a someone I have never met. I opened a can of worms I am sure they would have wanted to stay closed. I understand they think one of my blog entries is about them, it is not. It was my friends topic of the day on their radio show, and not about them at all. Please know, if you read this, I am truly sorry for opening your wounds and pouring salt in them.
Yesterday I did absolutely nothing, and I do mean nothing, today I am going to shower, make bacon and pancakes for breakfast and finish laundry and get ready for our next food sale tomorrow. We are grilling hotdogs for three buildings simultaneously. We have Gladys back with us, so it is all hands on deck! Gladys get ready for the onion chopping! I know how much you love it!
I hope everyone has a fantastic Labor Day, this is our day, every working man and woman in the United States of America!

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