The Fairy Tale

So the Irishman says he wants to get married Monday, I think he thinks I am going to back out completely. I probably should, but something keeps me here, In 1993 I swore I would never get married again, EVER. Now, look at me, I’m a mess. I think I will tell a little more about mine and his history, just so there is no confusion out there.
It happened very quickly, where he was telling me I was the love of his life, the only woman he had ever had those types of feelings for. The depth of his feelings for me, there had been no other like that. I was meant for him, there was no other for him. Yes those are the words he used, I was his destiny, I wasn’t used to hearing such things, mainly because I never allowed anyone to get that close to me. He kept telling me such things, that since his divorce he had never met a woman like me, strong, independent, beautiful and fun. He said I was the proof intelligence and beauty could co-exist. He had never met anyone as beautiful as I, as funny as I, as smart as I. The thing is, even after all of this time, he still says the same things, he said the easiest decision he ever had to make was asking me to marry him.
I want to believe in the fairy tale, what woman doesn’t, however, I learned a long time ago that fairy tales don’t tell the whole story. I will have to wait awhile to get to the end of my story as I am still fairly youngish.

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