Thor Day

I bought Thor on BlueRay, it came with a digital copy, of course that has been downloaded to my IPad. I can now watch shirtless Thor anytime I want! Today is a good day indeed friends! I feel my life taking a turn for the better, just with that simple act.
I am beginning to think that I need a remote control for life, much like the one Adam Sandler had in that movie, I don’t remember the name of it. I would not speed up time, I do believe I would slow it down. My life is rushing before my eyes, I am in need of more hours during the day, more days in the week. Especially more weekend days, I would love a 5 day weekend and a 2 day work week. Who’s with me? All for one, one for all!
I have a lot to accomplish this weekend, I need to clean again, I need to do laundry, again, I need to grocery shop, again, and I would love a few hours for fun. I don’t know when that will be. Maybe Sunday. The Irishman has off on Sunday, perhaps he will want to spend that day with me.
I am thinking I need a new wardrobe, I am thinner, a lot thinner, and none of my clothes fit, I do have some that fit, but not nearly enough. I really think the question is, can one ever have enough clothes? Well of course that answer is no, because styles change, trends come and go, I need them all! Well except for the trend of showing ones belly, that one I never wanted to do, my belly does not look great.What I really need is a whole body transplant. That would be great, botox for my neck, awesome! Anyone else with body image issues out there?

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