Since I am trying to get back to being myself, I am going to focus on one positive thing a day. Today is my new t-shirt. Yes, I said it; I actually bought a t-shirt, something that I never do. I am not a t-shirt wearing kind of woman. But this one, well this one caught my eye, Elisabeth Hasselbeck was wearing it on the view and I had to have it, immediately. I went onto Google, actually found the shirt and ordered it that night. It came Thursday, and I wore it on Friday. It says girl power and has a picture of Batgirl, Wonder Woman and Supergirl. It is amazing. I am actually going to post a photo on here, something I never do, but you all have to see it! I look amazing in it as well.
As you all probably have figured out if you have read me for any length of time, I am a huge superhero fanatic, and Wonder Woman in particular is my favorite female hero. I have dressed up like her, I have her boots, and I totally rocked that costume. Much to Elizabeth Anne’s embarrassment, but I figure as a mother, it is my job to embarrass my children at least once in their lifetime. Wonder Woman is strong, beautiful, independent, great clothes, kickin’ boots and let’s face it an amazing fashion sense.
Also, on an upbeat note, I won the coffee basket at work yesterday! Of course I only bought $15.00 worth of tickets, but it was totally worth it! So excited, it is a pound of Starbucks Iced-coffee with a Venti size re-fillable container, I cannot wait to go and get the beans ground and begin having my favorite iced coffee at home.
So many positives, so little time to report them, till next time peeps, peace out.

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