First Love

I am going back to my very first love, ever, yes I am talking about television. Television has always been there for me, pacifying me, entertaining me and yes educating me. My earliest memories include television, the first time I fell in love with a boy band, The Jackson Five on American Bandstand, the first time I learned about space travel, Star Trek, the first time I realized what I wanted to be when I grew up, thank you Elizabeth Montgomery.
This season is not disappointing, first up Ringer, this show not only brings back Sarah Michelle Gellar, it brings her back in a strong female role. Which she carries off beautifully, I have missed Buffy sorely and this show is filling a void. I love it, it has so many twists and turns you really have to pay attention to keep up.
Next up is Revenge, a simple premise really, exacting revenge on the ones that have done you harm in your life, it is something we, as humans crave. However, we rarely get the satisfaction of witnessing. This girl is taking vengeance on everyone that harmed her and her father. It is fantastical to watch, the high tech gimmicks mixed with the human emotions are a perfect blend.
American Horror Story is absolutely amazing, well written, well acted and just plain old fashioned spooky. For those of you who like the supernatural, the unexplained and well just like being scared; this is the show for you. I will not go into details, just watch! I love this show; it is my guilty pleasure this season. I didn’t think I would like it, but I love Connie Britton and wanted my fix as Friday Night Lights is null and void.
I love television, I always have, and I suspect I always will, I am not one of those people that pretend I am above television. At times it has been my touchstone, my friend my one constant in my life. I hope I will always have it.

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