Come as you aren’t day

So today is Halloween, I usually love this holiday and actually love dressing up, I know you are all hugely shocked by this revelation. Ok, maybe not so much. However, this year is different, I have no desire to don a costume and do a come as you aren’t. Actually there is nowhere to dress up for, I didn’t have a party, there were no parties to go to and work is not having a dress up day today. They had one on Thursday with less than 24 hours notice. So not happening at that point.
So here I sit in just my jean skirt and sweater, boots of course, but no costume, just my fabulous self. Of course being in the mood I have been in lately maybe just being at work with my fake smile and fake chipper attitude is costume in itself.
Come as you aren’t, well, I’m not happy, I’m depressed, a lot, I’m angry, a lot and I am not chipper. Check, today I have come in costume, I am disguised as a happy, fulfilled human being, when in reality I have become a recluse, not wanting to leave my home, only going out when necessary. I need help, I need someone to take over my life and get it back on track. I can’t seem to pull myself out of the stupor I have been in.
Maybe next month, and by next month I mean December, Christmas is my favorite time of year, so maybe then I will pull myself out of this.
So, till next time, Happy Monday, Happy Halloween, Happy come as you aren’t day!

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