Ok, so, on Sunday I watched three, back to back, Hercules movies, the Kevin Sorbo Hercules movies. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if Ares had been in any one of them. Who does not love Ares? God of War, the late actor Kevin Smith, so amazingly beautiful. I truly believe he was on the same level of amazingness as Dean Cain. If he had lived he would have given Dean a run for his money on my heart. And seriously, the Ares attitude, who did not love that cocky swagger and the large amount of sarcasm dished out? I was so happy when he went on to star in Xena and Young Hercules.
Truly tragic that his life was cut short. He is missed.
I am not feeling well today, I caught a bug or something, it started out as a major headache and has ended with stomach pains and, well, everything that goes with that. I will not go into details as I do not like being gross and disgusting.
I order new nail polish that came yesterday, so excited to do my toes, I have black polish and the silver crackle to go over it, I cannot wait to do my toes! Well that is all I have for now, I know not a lot, but I hope I inspired you to seek out your own Hercules day!

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