I hate being sick

I am not feeling too great, this could be an illness induced rant, but here goes. Kim Kardashian’s marriage is done, after 72 days, Justin Bieber may or may not have fathered a child at the age of 16. Here is the real question, why are these people newsworthy? I understand the fascination with celebrities, I know I am endlessly fascinated, however, no one really believed that marriage was going to last, they should have spent their money on pre-marital counseling instead of three wedding dresses.
And Justin Beiber fathering a child at 16, when the girl was 19, number one is she stupid? She just told law enforcement she committed statutory rape, if it is true. And if it isn’t, well, she just traumatized a 16-year-old kid for nothing.
This world is crazy, and it seems to be getting crazier by the minute, I for one enjoy living in a pink bubble. I know for a while it seemed it was gone, however, I do believe it is back. It could be the sickness talking, but I don’t think so. It is hard to keep me down for long, psychologically speaking. I believe I am bouncing back to being me. Not quite ready to do battle with a feisty rooster yet, but getting there.
I am achy all over, my head hurts so bad, and, well, not to be gross, the bathroom is my new best friend.
Today is a hard day for my friend Tammi, so this is for her:
I knew your dad, I absolutely adored him, and know he absolutely adored you, his legacy lives on. Your artistic gift comes from him, he was a musician, you are a fantastic artist in your own right. My favorite memory of him is still the time you made me ask if you could go somewhere with me. I don’t remember where it was we were wanting to go, but you didn’t want to ask him. I was a fast talker, and a long-winded one. After about 10 minutes of my non-stop talking, he looked up at you and said I don’t care where you are going just take her. LOL. Loved him. My parents loved him as well, I know they are neighbors in heaven and are having a grand party today, with Mr. Stane providing the music, my mom providing the refreshments and my dad providing the laughs. I know your mom is there with him as well, I wish I could have known her, but knowing you, I am guessing your mom is providing the warmth and charm for the event.

One Reply to “I hate being sick”

  1. Awe, I love you so much! You are such a wonderful friend and sister to me. I couldn’t have made it through all of those years in the country without you! My Daddy loved and trusted you and your family more than you can ever know. He spoke so highly of you all and you know him. 🙂 I can only pray I have an ounce of what my father was made of and try every day still to make him proud. Love you girl! Hoping you feel much better real soon!


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