Welcome Christmas!

No Black Friday shopping for me, work it is, and work I will gladly do! I have my giant container of iced coffee I brought from home, my Greek yogurt and my seaweed; I am ready to conquer the world of tech support, one call at a time!
I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving, celebrating in whatever way you chose, whether it was with family or in solitude. I have to be honest, I prefer solitude, since my children spend every Thanksgiving with their dad’s side of the family, I seriously have no desire to celebrate. I know you must be wondering why they spend every Thanksgiving with him, well, let me tell you. It was an agreement we made a long time ago. His whole family gets together at Thanksgiving and celebrates that day and Christmas and even some birthdays. I didn’t want my children to miss out on that experience. So, he got Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve was and remains mine. An arrangement we still honor today even though the children are now adults.
Sometimes I miss Thanksgiving, but it is more of a missing my mom and dad and the Thanksgivings I had with them and my family. The fun that was had just two miles north of Owasso was total greatness, and I cherish all of my memories.
Work again today, then it seems like I had something to do this weekend, oh yeah, massive cleaning and getting the place ready to drag out all of my Christmas decorations. I can’t wait to buy the tree, make cookies, see if I can find sugar free hot cocoa, maybe splurge in the real thing, haven’t decided yet. I love Christmas! Happy start to the most wonderful season on earth!

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