Thanksgiving Choice

Apparently I have become an object of pity, I don’t even know how this happened. Wait, that’s a lie, I do know how this happened. I did it to myself, I have cultivated a life that is void of any human contact except for work and my children.

I am such a creature of pity that even my ex-husband decided to invite me to Thanksgiving. I politely declined, as I politely declined every Thanksgiving invitation.

Why you ask, its simple, Thanksgiving is family time and I don’t have one. Yes, I have my children, but at Thanksgiving they are purely their dad’s children. I gave up any thanksgiving rights a long time ago. I will not be reclaiming any of them, I refuse to go somewhere that I feel awkward.

My parents are gone, I am adopted, my siblings never saw me as real, so their families don’t see me as real. One brother is gone, the other is in a nursing home and my sister has her own family and I’m not real anyway. So I would not e spending any holidays with anyone who thinks I’m not real.

I have cousins, but they have their own families, once again the awkward thing comes into play. Its one of the reasons I don’t go to many family reunions. Because they all have shared experiences and memories and well I wasn’t there and it’s awkward. So I stay away, I’ve never remarried, so I’m alone, with a dog and a cat.

Its fine, I did it to myself and i’m good with it, for the record I had 4 invitations to Thanksgiving dinner, but they are not my family and well awkward. When you are with family you relive stories and catch up and you don’t really want a stranger sitting there with nothing to offer. It is really for the good of all I don’t show up to anything. I tried a few times and I always feel like the lone person out. So I stopped going to anyones home for a family affair.

Apparently I am an object of pity now, so old that no one would ever want me for a life partner, I mean men my age are demanding and getting much younger women, and my children are their fathers children on Thanksgiving. I would never dream of insinuating myself into that situation.

I feel it would be disrespectful to his wife, this is her show and she should be front and center in this family holiday.  Her husbands ex-wife should never show up for a family holiday. My daughter pointed out that we all get together at Easter, but this is at my son’s home. Not theirs, if it were at theirs I would not show up, because it would be disrespectful and here’s that word again, awkward.

I write all of this not for anyone to feel sorry for me but because I need to get it out, I need to expunge my feelings in writing.

I have no regrets about my life and the way it turned out, i’d do almost everything over again. I’d only change one small thing and I think we all know what that is.

So Happy Thanksgiving, if you have family and are with them, cherish it, I wish I had known the last time was the last time I would have a real family Thanksgiving. I think I would have cherished it more, I would have saved every minute in my memory bank so I could bring it out and relive it.

An Only Child

So, Stormie thinks she is an only child, or at least she behaves that way, apparently sharing is not coded into her DNA. Russ has come to visit, as he does every Thanksgiving, when Jeffrey is out of town. At first Russ ran around whining, the Irishman said he was looking for Nocona. Nocona was his buddy and I know he must be confused.
Once he settled down, he decided to get to know Stormie, they have been playing, Stormie seems happy, however, I noticed this morning she gathered all of her bones and was lying with them in front of her, with her front paws around them. She was letting Russ know she will not share her bones.
It was so funny, she is truly an only child and not built for sharing, she also slept with us last night, the first time she has done that, I think she was establishing her rank.
Dogs are funny to watch, they have human qualities, Stormie definitely shows signs of humor, loyalty, wanting to please, stubbornness and a loving heart.
We are moving Saturday, so everyone pray it goes smoothly, I am already stressed, I will be working 5 days this week, no Friday off for me this week, then moving on Saturday, coming back to the apartment to clean on Sunday.
I hope you all have a great week, a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember if you do go shopping on Black Friday, be kind to the workers. They have given up their time with their families to make your life a little easier.

Working on Thanksgiving

With all of the news stories regarding stores opening up on Thanksgiving I thought I might weigh in here. First and foremost let me start by saying I don’t see anyone posting anything about how horrible it is that tech support is open on Thanksgiving. Or, how horrible it is that radio stations are playing music, and DJ’s are on the air.
I work Thanksgiving and the day after, I have worked those days since being in tech support. My children are with their dad and his side of the family on Thanksgiving. That is the way we have done things since our divorce, it is the way it is, I am happy that my children can continue that tradition.
But here’s the thing, those two days, considering the holiday pay, pay for Christmas, it enables me to be able to give nice gifts to my children without breaking the bank. If stores are paying their employees holiday pay, and asking for volunteers, which is the way it is done, then I have no objections to this. People choose what they want to do on holidays, if they choose to work, then that is their right, some stores are open 24×7 anyway, I don’t see people objecting to this either.
As I stated before, I have never, in my entire life, seen anyone objecting to other people working and businesses being open. No one objects that the police station is open, that telephone operators are at work, or the gas station being open on this day.
I really do not see what the uproar is about, this is not a religious holiday, repeat, not a religious holiday, I have issues with stores being open on Christmas and Easter, however, have taken advantage of said stores being open. Does that make me a hypocrite? Possibly. I don’t really have an answer for that one.
If retail employees would like to make extra money on Thanksgiving by working, they have my blessings, as I will be doing the same.

My Thoughts on Thanksgiving

It is the day before a major American holiday that most people associate with food, when in reality it is supposed to be a day of reflections and giving thanks. On Thursday, September 24, 1789, the first House of Representatives voted to recommend the First Amendment of the newly drafted Constitution to the states for ratification. The next day, Congressman Elias Boudinot from New Jersey proposed that the House and Senate jointly request of President Washington to proclaim a day of thanksgiving for “the many signal favors of Almighty God”. Boudinot said that he “could not think of letting the session pass over without offering an opportunity to all the citizens of the United States of joining, with one voice, in returning to Almighty God their sincere thanks for the many blessings he had poured down upon them.” Interesting, no mention of turnkey, dressing or football, it begs the question, when did this sacred American holiday become bastardized? It is now only about food, football, dysfunctional families and shopping. Yes, shopping, let us all get up and leave our families, sit in the cold and make a mad dash into the store to grab up some electronic device that we really don’t need in the first place.
What I am proposing is that we get back to what Thanksgiving was really supposed to be about, don’t do away with the food, family and yes you can keep your football, but let’s really give thanks to God for all that we have in this country. Let us sincerely pray for the leaders of our country that they will indeed make good decisions for us and let us pray for our friends, family and neighbors.
I am beyond thankful I was born an American citizen, I am proud to be an American, if you do not want to be in this country, we are not stopping you from leaving. I am tired of people who live here, who are not from here, bad mouthing this place, this country, who has given so many so much. So this Thanksgiving, let’s really give thanks, I know I am thankful that I have the opportunity to work and make the money that will pay for Christmas without me going into debt to provide a nice Christmas for my children and grand child.
What are you thankful for this year? I would love to hear from you.


Next week is Thanksgiving, for most people it is a time for families to gather and celebrate, well, being thankful. Me, well, I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, not out of any moral indignation on how our indigenous brethren were treated, or because Abraham Lincoln instituted the holiday. No I don’t celebrate out of habit, see when I got a divorce from the father of my children, we made the decision that they would go with him every Thanksgiving.
His family gets together every Thanksgiving, sometimes they go on cruises, or skiing, or just to another relative’s home. I never wanted them to miss that, so I gave away Thanksgiving for me, so they could feel like they were part of that side of the family. Don’t feel bad for me, I got Christmas Eve out of the deal, I believe I got the better end of that stick. The kids got both ends of the stick, they didn’t have to miss Thanksgiving with that side of their family and they got to have Christmas Eve with their mom, and Christmas Afternoon and Evening with their dad. It is what we call an all around win.
Back to Thanksgiving, before I came to the department I am in now, I stayed in my pajamas for four days, watching movies, reading books and eating puffy Cheetos to my hearts content. Now I work Thanksgiving Day and the day after, that makes me happy. Then I get to go home and read a book, watch TV and eat puffy Cheetos. Another all around win.
This weekend I will be alone, the Irishman is going out of town, so I will be spending the next three days in my pajamas, watching movies, television, reading books and not eating puffy Cheetos. Perhaps I will buy some Taco Bueno and it will be a perfect weekend.

When Did Integrity Become Unpopular?

When did integrity become unpopular? When did doing the right thing become something of the past? These are questions I ask myself these days. Growing up I was taught by my Grandfather and my Dad that I come from a long line of people that stand up for people who cannot, for whatever reason, cannot stand up for themselves. We always do things the right way, even when it is inconvenient. Even if it makes us unpopular, we stand up for what we believe is right. Because in the end, when you are standing in front of God, you have to answer for not doing the right thing. Just because you can do something doesn’t make it right, just because it is not illegal doesn’t make it moral.
Being raised the way I was, becoming a Union Steward was a perfect fit, at least that is what I thought. Working in the core telephone company, I didn’t see members (that is how we refer to dues paying union members) taking advantage of lower seniority people. Seniority was and continues to be respected by the members. When I moved to a subsidiary, I began seeing things that were questionable. You expect management to try and get away with skirting around seniority, but you don’t expect your peers to do it. I admit it took me a long time to see this particular thing.
But when I did, I questioned it, I was told this was just the way it was. I became a Union Steward, I fully admit, since this did not effect me, I didn’t pay that much attention. Last year, I noticed someone with very high seniority, who had vacation the week of Thanksgiving, has signed up for Thanksgiving Day and the day after. I asked her about this, I said aren’t you going to be in California. She said oh I took that shift for someone else, and she named the person. This person was much lower in seniority than I. I said you took a shift I could have gotten with my seniority and worked and gave it to someone with lower seniority? I was furious, so I began to pay attention and talk to other members. I was told there was another union steward that does this every holiday. He takes a shift, he has no intention of working, so he can give it to a lower seniority person that would never get that shift otherwise. Thus making sure the people in between never have the opportunity to get that shift. Seniority was circumvented. Later after the holidays I spoke to the chief steward regarding this situation. I talked for two hours before she seemed to understand how this circumvented seniority, even though she had been an offender herself. She said she would speak with the one who was the most obvious offender.
Well, a year went by, no one came to me, thus I thought he had stopped. This Thanksgiving, someone said I believe he has done it again, so I checked and sure enough, he took a shift he had no intention of working with the intent to give it to the same person with lower seniority. What makes it obvious is that it is the same person every time.
I sent a text to the chief, who was clearly irritated I would not let this go. She finally said are you just pissed you didn’t think of it yourself, I would have done it for you. I said the difference is I would never have asked. She then went on to say she saw nothing wrong with it and I was ordered to let it go.
I talked it over with the Irishman, he was very angry with the situation as well, and it does not effect him. He wrote a post on her Facebook wall, which she ignored for almost a week, then when she did answer it was filled with double speak and political correctness. She deleted his post. So he created a note and posted it to his Facebook, I shared the note, as I thought it was well written and stated nothing but fact. I was attacked on my Facebook by two people. Please note I was not the one who wrote the note, however I was the one attacked for it. I was called classless for sharing it.
I then spoke with the chief who threatened to sue me if I did not take it down. I resigned from being a union steward, I am not afraid of being sued as everything that was said was the truth, however I was tired of fighting for something that people in power had no problem with.
I have thought about this for a long time, I am disgusted by the behavior of circumventing something that is so precious to us. It is all we have really, I have worked hard for mine, which my chief said I did not, I simply showed up to work and filled a seat and managed to not get fired.
I want to know when it became ok to treat people like they don’t matter, that what they have worked for doesn’t matter. Those are questions I would like answered. I can only surmise that not everyone had a dad and a grandfather like mine.

Welcome Christmas!

No Black Friday shopping for me, work it is, and work I will gladly do! I have my giant container of iced coffee I brought from home, my Greek yogurt and my seaweed; I am ready to conquer the world of tech support, one call at a time!
I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving, celebrating in whatever way you chose, whether it was with family or in solitude. I have to be honest, I prefer solitude, since my children spend every Thanksgiving with their dad’s side of the family, I seriously have no desire to celebrate. I know you must be wondering why they spend every Thanksgiving with him, well, let me tell you. It was an agreement we made a long time ago. His whole family gets together at Thanksgiving and celebrates that day and Christmas and even some birthdays. I didn’t want my children to miss out on that experience. So, he got Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve was and remains mine. An arrangement we still honor today even though the children are now adults.
Sometimes I miss Thanksgiving, but it is more of a missing my mom and dad and the Thanksgivings I had with them and my family. The fun that was had just two miles north of Owasso was total greatness, and I cherish all of my memories.
Work again today, then it seems like I had something to do this weekend, oh yeah, massive cleaning and getting the place ready to drag out all of my Christmas decorations. I can’t wait to buy the tree, make cookies, see if I can find sugar free hot cocoa, maybe splurge in the real thing, haven’t decided yet. I love Christmas! Happy start to the most wonderful season on earth!

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving, so I shall tell you all what I am thankful for, finally. I am thankful that all of my children are healthy and for the most part well adjusted adults. I am thankful I didn’t fail too miserably at the job of parent, I am thankful that I have never harmed anyone, seriously, with my cooking abilities, or non-abilities. I am thankful that I am healthy, and don’t have to take any medications for blood pressure, cholesterol or any other ailments that people my age seem to have. I am thankful I come from a people that live long and prosper, and we are not even Vulcan!
I am thankful for Chewy and Nocona, they are always there, ready to welcome me home, letting me know someone (even if they are covered in fur and walk on four legs) loves me. They amuse me, listen to me and comfort me when I am sad.
I am thankful that stores stock ready made food, so I don’t have to cook if I choose not to, eliminates the possibility of food poisoning as well. I am thankful for a full pantry; it means no one will go hungry in my home. I never have, but my parents used to tell me stories about the Great Depression and living in the dust bowl in Oklahoma. There was a lot of hunger and people dying of starvation, I am grateful that neither I nor my children have had to go through that.
I am thankful for my parents; you see they had a choice on whether or not they were my parents, and being adopted gives you a whole new perspective on your parents. They didn’t have to take me and raise me, but they did, and they were fantastic. If I had gotten to hand pick my parents I could not have done a better job.

Monday Update

Ok folks I have been entrusted with a heady responsibility, I am planning the December Ladies that Lunch outing, and since it is our Christmas gathering, well you can imagine the pressure. My dear friend Wanda had a spill and is not up to planning the event so she entrusted it to me. I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I was that she asked. It will be so much fun, I admit Wanda made it easy, she gave me all the contacts and actually the place, and it looks fabulous! I do hope we have a good turnout, I am very excited about it.
This Monday was really good, cold, wet weather, Ralph Lauren skirt, boots and my black, leather Anne Klein jacket. I am in heaven, I tell you! I can only hope it gets colder.
This week is short for most, as for me I am working Thanksgiving and the day after, I always do this, I will be working 7am to 4pm, those two days. I am thankful I get to work those two days to give my family a good Christmas. I am thankful for the ability to work, I am thankful to live in a nice area of town in a nice apartment, I am thankful for all of the things my job affords me.
I will be getting my tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, I have to get the place ready for a tree, I always get a real one, this year will be no different. This year I get to add two Santa’s that belonged to Sandi to my decorations. I am so happy to have part of her with me this Christmas season.
So on that note my friends I will let you all get back to your lives. Peace out homies!