This morning I awoke to a pending comment for my site, it was from a woman wanting all of us to know that A.L. is a happy, healthy nine year old girl who is well loved and cared for. She will never know how happy I was to read that simple statement. A.L. was the child who was tortured and abused by someone I had worked with, I wrote about the case earlier.
I don’t know how this woman found my site, I am just happy she did, God does answer prayers and I know He is looking out for this little girl and will continue to do so.
This weekend was filled with shopping, I am almost done which is amazing, I am one of those people that don’t Christmas shop until Christmas Eve! I only have a few things left to get Freddy and some things for Elizabeth. I will buy a tree on my way home from work on Tuesday and put it on the back porch to “fall”, then this next weekend will be decorating time! So excited, and I only have 6 and a half days of work left, then off for a week! Beyond excited about that.
I have plans to get my nails done, and baking, yes baking, and cleaning out things and more shopping and all kinds of things! I already sleep late, well later than 3am! I now wake up at a normal 6:30 am, I usually get up at that time on weekends as well. So, I will more than likely get up at that time when I am off.
Carpet cleaning was great yesterday, except moving all of the furniture! That stuff is heavy, I managed to get the dining room table on its side to move it, however when the man left, it was really tough getting back upright! Everything is in it’s place now and the carpet is very clean, I had him go over the dinning area twice, as it is a particularly high traffic area. Everything looks shiny and new. So yay me!

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