Deep Thoughts

Well good morning everyone, I know it has been a while since we have visited, however I am still here. As you all know I live in North Texas, we are having incredibly strange weather, it is December and it is muggy, yes muggy, my hair is so curly it is ridiculous. I try and try to straighten it, but I just look like the wicked witch of the west. Ugh!
It is almost Christmas, almost time for my vacation, almost time to spend an evening with my amazing children. Almost, when it is almost time things seem go to in slow motion. At times I wish I were the Flash and could get everything done in an instant and the almost time would be gone and I would be at the good parts.
I am still reeling that someone who knows the little girl that went through so much found my blog and was able to give us all an update. I am still offering up thanks to God for her health, happiness and safety.
I love my mornings now, I awaken, watch an episode of Angel, have my coffee, ok, coffee is during Angel, then get dressed. I am loving it. TNT is playing the last season of Angel now, they are at the episode where Fred becomes a big blue meanie. I am loving it. I still miss Cordelia Chase, I identified with her character so much.
Angel is an interesting concept, redemption, we all want it, however can we earn it by doing good deeds? The bible teaches us that the only thing we have to do for redemption is to accept Jesus Christ as our lord and savior, accept that he is born of a virgin, died on the cross for our sins and rose from the grave three days later. I accept that. That is heavenly redemption. To gain redemption from our loved ones and those we have wronged here on earth is a different matter. That requires major hoop jumping, I don’t care if they seemingly accept your apology, one still has to show the wronged party they have changed and want to do better. It is a daunting task indeed and few are up to the challenge, but when one is, well it can be soul cleansing.
“Thank you for calling Angel Investigations, we help the hopeless”

2 Replies to “Deep Thoughts”

  1. Ms. Angie…will you show me how to start a blog someday??? I want to do one but would rather only certain people know I am doing it. Also, there is a meeting at church tonight, and I should have some answers to a lot of questions we have all been asking since Kim’s death. I’ll let you know! Thanks!!!!! Jan


  2. I would love to show you how to start a blog! you can make it private and only the people you want will have access to read it. I hope there were answers to so many questions that are in the air! Let me know!


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