Famous Rapper = Nightmare

Last night I had the strangest, worst dream I have had in a long time, I dreamed we lived in a huge two story house, I know what you are thinking, no it wasn’t a cleaning nightmare. We had 7 or eight cars, I think I was a famous rapper, anyway, I heard a noise downstairs. I go down to check it out and big burly men are stealing our cars. I cannot open my mouth to scream and my legs wont work, I try to run back inside to tell the Irishman to wake up and make those men give us our cars back. One of them grabs me from behind and will not let go, I am trying to scream and nothing will come out, it is as if someone has superglued my lips together. That is when I wake up to the Irishman holding me telling me it is ok, it is only him, I can only imagine the noise I was making in order for it to wake him up. I have decided not to become a rapper and live in a huge two story house, also we will only have two to 3 cars at a time, not 7 or eight.
I am getting ready for my last day of work until next Tuesday, it is a heady feeling, this sense of freedom. I don’t know how anyone is going to put up with me at work today, I plan on being happy, over the moon happy, and maybe even chatty. We shall see.
I hope everyone has a great day, mine has started great, I have the Christmas blend Starbucks coffee that the Irishman stopped and got for me yesterday when I told him we were out of coffee. He knows I love Starbucks coffee even when I make it at home. Very thoughtful indeed, see ya in the funny papers!

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