Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, I truly hope that this Christmas is filled with peace and love for everyone. Christmas Eve is the day that my children and I gather for our family Christmas, well, gathering. We eat, we laugh and we exchange presents. We have been doing this on Christmas Eve for a long time, it started a few years after the divorce, that way they could enjoy the presents they got at our house before going to their home with their dad on Christmas day. We didn’t have to rush Christmas morning, or Christmas dinner, we had it all the day before. It worked well for us as a whole, and I believe it continues to do so, much less pressure on the kids if they don’t feel they have to choose a parent on a holiday.
Alex was missing from last nights festivities, and I missed him an enormous amount, but he was doing something that is important to him, I cannot fault him for that.
I believe everyone had a good time yesterday, I know my children well enough to know if they did not they would let me know in a heartbeat. I hope everyone liked their presents, I know I did, I have the most thoughtful children on the face of the planet.
Elizabeth Anne gave me Wonder Woman socks! And Godiva coffee and new slipper boots and a new coat and Starbucks coffee and sour skittles and one of my favorite movies. Jeffrey gave me a gift card to Macy’s, after Christmas sale here I come! Tessa was so funny last night, she and Elizabeth together are a comedy duo! I was laughing so hard watching those two, it was hysterical, I wish I had captured it on video. At one point Tess tells Elizabeth, your mommy is crazy. She was talking about me. I was like What!, I said who is her mom? she said you. Tess is 4 by the way. That is her new thing, everyone is crazy, I have no idea where she got it, but it is funny as all get out. We colored in her new coloring book, played with her new My Little Ponies and her new Barbie RV. She is a funny little girl who is bright, articulate and intelligent, of course she belongs to us!
I hope everyone has a great Christmas, not only for the presents, but to take time to reflect on why we have Christmas. God’s son was born this day, a son that would grow up to give His life for our sins. It is hard to be as unselfish as that, however, I shall strive to be a little more understanding of the people in my life.

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