Well Christmas has come and gone, it was a huge success and I loved seeing my children and Tessa. Yesterday was spent at Rachel and Richards home. She is from Ireland, like the Irishman, and he is American, so the opposite of us. It was so much fun, the people, the food, wow the food, it was an Irish breakfast. The sausage was amazing, I am not even kidding, the sausage was Irish sausage. Very different from the sausage that we have here. I can’t even begin to describe it, but I am hooked. I am going to have to get the site that they ordered it from, because it was just amazing. The company was even better, so much laughter, my sides still hurt from laughing so much.
I still have not gotten dressed today, I am sitting here in my pajamas and new slippers and my robe, drinking my coffee and deciding if I even want to get dressed. Perhaps today is the day I do nothing outside of this apartment. I’ll let you know tomorrow. I go back to work tomorrow, I work four days then off for 4 days, however I am still deciding on next Tuesday, I might give it up and just go to work on Tuesday. I can’t decide. Or maybe I should just take a road trip and go to Oklahoma. Or maybe I should take that day and go shopping. Decisions. I think for right now I will go refill my coffee cup and continue to infuse myself with caffeine.

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