With this being New Years Eve, I find myself in a reflective mood, as is normal with humans this day. Or at least I am told. What I am really thinking about lately is family, in particular my family, my cousins, my long-lost cousins with whom I have reconnected with on Facebook. I didn’t realize how much I have missed having these people in my life. I know I try to keep my anonymity on this site, but today, and today only I am going to tell you who I was, maybe who I am, and definitely who I come from.
Jason, you inspired this entry with your Facebook post on who we are, as a whole. We are Testermans, anyone who has the last name Testerman can tell you exactly where we came from. We all have the same story, from Virginia to California, if you meet one of us, we can tell you who we are, where we come from and how proud we are to be one.
As a whole, we are crazy, not the scary put us in an insane asylum crazy, but the fun, welcome to the nuthouse kind of crazy. We love hard, we tend to play hard, and everyone is welcome to the madness. We are loyal, we will do anything for you, if you need something we will move heaven and earth to make sure you have it. Even if it means we will go without ourselves. Typically, we are intelligent, articulate, and funny as all get out. We tend to be very good-looking, and we all stick together. We may fight amongst ourselves, however, if an outsider wants to pick on one of us, you will have to take on all of us. And that is a formidable number.
I have missed my cousins more than I can say, Cindy was and remains my favorite girl cousin, there I said it, and Pat, well Pat was my favorite boy cousin. Jason was always my favorite second cousin, yes there are layers, he was the cutest little boy and I am happy to say he has grown up to be a man of faith and integrity.
I love them all, and cannot wait for the family reunion this year, I will be there!

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